I started production on a number of video projects in 2015.  Thanks to my partnership with some Portland-based comics & musicians, production on Best of Portland-nominated web series Catty B's and the Totino's/Nerdist projects were produced and released in 2015.

I also started two documentaries in 2015 with absolutely no funding.  My documentaries are both compelling, personal stories that will resonate with the sort of people who have feelings and like documentary shorts.  I've shot in Seattle, Portland, Corvallis, New York, New Jersey and on the Continental Divide Trail.  If you'd like to help out or collaborate, please contact me.

In the meantime, my wife and I are expecting our first baby in July 2016, which will be featured in my in-production doc on Huntington's Disease tentatively titled Knowing

Have a quick look at what I'm up to:

Knowing is a documentary short about Huntington's Disease (HD).

HD is a genetic disease that looks like the physical aspects of Parkinson's paired with the intellectual aspects of Alzheimer's.  It is an unspeakably cruel condition.

Approximately 1 in 10,000 people are affected by HD, though if you have it, many of your family members might as well.

If you have the gene for HD, you will get the disease at some point in your life.  It will kill you if nothing else does.

If you carry the gene for HD and have children the old-fashioned way, your child will have a 50% chance of having the disease.

HD destroys families.  HD cannot be cured, but it can be stopped if carriers of the gene who wish to become parents undergo an expensive PGD procedure in order to reproduce.  

With Knowing, we follow a 27-year old HD-gene carrying woman in her quest to understand and combat HD.  We follow her as she meets others afflicted with HD, and spends the $30,000 it costs to have a baby via PGD that will ensure that her child will be HD free.   

Freakonomics did a fantastic podcast in 2013 on the subject.  This American Life did a story on it that same year.  In Hollywood, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman have signed on to star in the screen adaptation of the Huntington's story "Inside the O'Brien's".

Knowing is currently in production.  Fingers crossed for a trailer to be released summer of 2016.

Bastard (in production)

After his birth certificate surfaces with no father listed, a man seeks to find the truth about his parentage.  Decades of secrets & lies strung together by a broken family are uncovered in this incredibly personal and compelling documentary.  



In the summer of 2015, while we were working on Catty B's, my semi-famous friend Angela was asked by The Nerdist to make a music video commercial for Totino's Pizza Rolls.  Angela then hired me on to shoot it, as well as a documentary about her being in a band and making a music video (it's all very meta. pizza rolls.  pizza rolls).  It took three days and was by far the most bonkers and challenging film shoot I've been involved with yet.  We probably shot about 6 hours of footage to come up with this 2ish-minute piece of commercial insanity.  

Here's the "Adventure People" documentary, shot by myself and some other dudes from The Nerdist.  

And here's the music video:


Catty B's is a feminist comedy web series created by Portland-based comics Lucia Fasano and Angela Weber (of nerd folk heroes The Doubleclicks).  Episodes are written by Angela, Lucia, and Barbara Holm, and directed by Angela and Joseph Erikson.

We made 2 seasons of the show, and you can watch it all for free at cattybs.com


Hi, I'm Joseph.  

I trained in TV/Film at SUNY Adirondack (AS), SUNY Purchase (BA), and the University of Glasgow (MA).

I live near Seattle with my wife and cat.  I am a full-time history teacher.  

I currently work on projects that are unpaid labors of love....

...with that being said, I am not adverse to paid gigs.  

Current gear:  Cannon c100 w/Atomos Ninja, Rode NTG3 shotgun mic, Rode Rodelink wireless mic.  






If you feel that you can contribute to our current projects, either as a subject, investor, producer, researcher, or crew member, please feel free to reach out.

napattacks (at) gmail (dot) com