Knowing is a documentary short about Huntington's Disease (HD).

HD is a genetic disease that looks like the physical aspects of Parkinson's paired with the intellectual aspects of Alzheimer's.  It is an unspeakably cruel condition.

Approximately 1 in 10,000 people are affected by HD, though if you have it, many of your family members might as well.

If you have the gene for HD, you will get the disease at some point in your life.  It will kill you if nothing else does.

If you carry the gene for HD and have children the old-fashioned way, your child will have a 50% chance of having the disease.

HD destroys families.  HD cannot be cured, but it can be stopped if carriers of the gene who wish to become parents undergo an expensive PGD procedure in order to reproduce.  

With Knowing, we follow a 27-year old HD-gene carrying woman in her quest to understand and combat HD.  We follow her as she meets others afflicted with HD, and spends the $30,000 it costs to have a baby via PGD that will ensure that her child will be HD free.   

Freakonomics did a fantastic podcast in 2013 on the subject.  This American Life did a story on it that same year.  In Hollywood, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman have signed on to star in the screen adaptation of the Huntington's story "Inside the O'Brien's".

Knowing is currently in production.  Fingers crossed for a trailer to be released summer of 2016.